Sebastien Masi

This French-born chef discovered a passion for Irish cooking while working with some brilliant chefs around the world. In 1994 he moved to Dublin and in December 2000 opened his own Dublin-based restaurant - Pearl Brasserie.

Birthday: 16 July 1974

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Born on the 16th July 1974, Sebastien Masi was brought up in Clermont-Ferrand, central France, by his father, an interior designer. Masi’s father’s speciality was design for restaurants and nightclubs and so Masi spent many hours eating in fine dining restaurants during his father’s contract negotiations. 

Masi’s first role in a commercial kitchen began in a small country house – Jean Marc Vindrie, which had one of the biggest wine cellars in the country. The young 33-year-old chef was running the establishment in the old school style, as his father had before him. Here they worked on the old wood cooker making their own cured ham, fishing for lunch in the river and picking mushrooms, rhubarb and apples from his mother’s garden. Masi explains his first memory of the Irish Culture was when the chef returned from a sporting weekend in Ireland shooting woodcock.

During the second year of Masi’s apprenticeship he had the good fortune to work alongside a chef, who had come from The Ritz in Paris. He made Masi realize that cooking could be a real art with enormous possibilities.

Hungry to push further at the age of 17, he took his knives and went to Paris, where he started to work for the opening of Copthorne Hotel Roissy. Whilst in Paris he also had the opportunity to work on a casual basis in many other kitchens in the city, such as the Meridien Etoile, Hotel Intercontinental, St Claire outside catering with M. Guy Savoie (three-star Michelin) and M. Gerard Besson (two-star Michelin). A wonderful opportunity to see the differences in styles of cooking and organisation – from 30 covers to 800, and from traditional to modern cuisine.

Sebastien Masi's Restaurants

Pearl Brasserie


2000 - 2020
"You are only as good as your last meal."

Called by the nation for ten months, Masi spent his time in the kitchen of Saint Augustin cooking for Politicians and Generals. It was here he was further introduced to Irish people and he decided to come to Ireland. It was only in 1994 that he arrived, with - in his words- "my ten words of broken English". Mr Guillaume Lebrun of Patrick Guilbaud’s Restaurant in Dublin (two-star Michelin) gave him the job as Demi Chef de Partie and his career in Ireland began.

Here he was surrounded by Irish produce, which was developed under French talent, and it took just a few weeks to be promoted to Chef de Partie. One year after, Masi decided to cross the road and to work in one of the most elegant eighteenth-century town houses in Dublin, The Commons Restaurant, Dublin. He started as Sous Chef and a year after was given the reins of the kitchen, which to him felt like the opportunity of a lifetime.

Masi explains "The idea of opening my own restaurant in Dublin would not go away so with the help of my partner Kirsten, Pearl Brasserie was born on the 7th December 2000.

"Since opening Pearl, I have developed my own style and flair while working with fantastic Irish produce. I have a strong, talented and driven team and push for perfection in every dish served.

"A lot of hard work has led to a list of awards and accolades, but what matters to me most is the pure satisfaction of a job well done."