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Find out everything you need to know about Ireland's best chefs and top chefs from around the world.

Andy McFadden

Dublin-born chef Andy McFadden started a career in kitchens at the young age of 14 as a part-time kitchen porter at Luttrellstown Castle. Most recently, he oversaw a €1.3 million revamp of his own Dublin restaurant - Glovers Alley.

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Dinesh Chander

Dinesh joined the culinary team at Jaipur in 2002 and opened Jaipur Malahide in 2003, followed by Chakra in 2005 and was instrumental in conceiving the culinary concepts at restaurant Ananda in 2008.

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Richard Corrigan

Richard Corrigan is one of the most acclaimed Irish chefs out there, having brought Irish cooking into the mainstream and having opened numerous award-winning restaurants across the UK.

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Sebastien Masi

This French-born chef discovered a passion for Irish cooking while working with some brilliant chefs around the world. In 1994 he moved to Dublin and in December 2000 opened his own Dublin-based restaurant - Pearl Brasserie.

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