Private and group dining rooms in the spotlight

Discover private dining and group dining rooms by location

A private dining room can add an extra sense of occasion to your next business meeting with clients, event with friends or family celebration. Many private dining rooms are available for little to no hire cost and charge a set menu cost per person, so it may be much more affordable than you think. Our directory of private and group dining rooms in Ireland covers everything from tucked away spaces in family-friendly restaurants, through to elegant spaces ideal for a business meeting with a difference.

Whether you are planning a private dining event for family, friends or for business, take a look at our guide to booking a private dining room.

  1. Create a guest list so you start to have an idea of numbers, this will quickly help you filter out many options and narrow your search.
  2. Plan your numbers and your budget so you know what your estimated per person cost will be, most restaurants display their set menu prices clearly so you can quickly see if they are within budget for you.
  3. Consider the atmosphere you want to create. Something elegant and refined might be better suited to a fine dining restaurant or an opulent hotel. Or consider a fun restaurant if you want to create a more laid back vibe.
  4. Ensure you are clear on your costs and what is included - for example check if water is included or if you will be charged per bottle opened.
  5. Check if your guests have any specific dietary requirements and make sure you let the restaurant or venue know as soon as possible.